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      Stewart from Nashville, Tennessee wants to relay the Wi-Fi from his house to his horse barn, which is about a third of a mile away. Luckily, I’ve written a guide on this before. Tap or click here to get fast Wi-Fi anywhere on your property.

      To make a long story short, I use a nifty wireless extender kit called the Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC Gen 2. Using it, you can get a strong internet connection pretty much anywhere on your property. Think of it as a super-strong Wi-Fi extender.

      Instead of just a couple hundred feet, this thing can carry a signal for up to six miles with a clear line of sight.

      The NanoBeam runs on 5GHz frequencies, acting as a bridge to send internet from one place to another. If you live in a rural area or have a large property, it’s a total game-changer.

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