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    I work for a big box store. I spend far too much time searching for product in overheads to fill outs on shelves. I am looking for assistance in creating a search system that will involve the use of a bar code scannner paired to a data collection device that will work thusly: I scan all the outs and create “List A” which will create a template that could number up to 1000 items. After this list is created, I will then scan items in overhead storage. When I get a match with “List A” the device will signal such, preferably audibly. The ability to input data manually (either UPC #’s or SKU’s would be very desirable. I have purchased a bar code scanner but have been unable to find an app to perform the “List A” creation and search/match function. The company management and IT Dept. do not consider this project to be worthy of priority development. I am tired of wasting time and am willing to spend money personally to solve my problem. I am looking for collaborative help. lockwoodsmith@gmail.com 904 687-6317

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