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      Jake Russo

      Which would be better for a few users, multiple team/group emails, and file-sharing / collaboration tools? Office365 or G Suite? Also, which would be a better price for these features?

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      Jake Russo

      It would also be helpful if I could add multiple domains to the account.

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      Ol Gramps

      Jake, I would like to know what you decided. I have been using 365 for several years and love it. I don’t know anything about G.
      I love being able to open app on phone and then on laptop and back and forth seamlessly.
      I haven’t done much sharing, but looks as easy.
      I love that it saves all photos and I can have phone access to all my files.
      I can keep pix off the phone, but quickly download if I want to.

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      Jake Russo

      Hi @OlGramps,

      I went with G Suite for a few reasons:

      1- I use Office 365 for my school, and I don’t want to have to switch accounts all the time
      2- When using Office 365, I found myself using the web versions of Office apps almost all the time
      **In my experience, the G Suite online apps are much better designed than the Office online apps
      3- It’s super simple to switch between my G Suite and my personal Google accounts on my computer and phone
      4- I’m very familiar with Gmail and Hangouts, and wanted that functionality.

      In the past several weeks I’ve been using G Suite, I’ve been very happy with it and probably won’t consider switching. As for your mentioning photo backup: I use Google Photos on my personal account and pay for iCloud storage, so I’m all set with that.


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      TeamKomando:Charles Gray

      Believe it or not, there was a time when G Suite Gmail didn’t let you paste images into the body of the email – that one missing feature forced a former company I worked for to pick 365. Which I never liked as much.

      For me: The extensibility of G Suite apps (particularly sheets) via custom JavaScript is killer.

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