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      Karen B

      Due to financial cuts at university (professor of philosophy and logic for 17 years) I’m making a career change. Without going in to major detail I am studying programming and coding. Through recommendations I have chosen Python Bootcamp and Python Crash course, studying 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. I have concerns as to what other options I should consider.
      1. Is it better to focus on one programming language rather than become somewhat good at several?
      2. Is certification important to companies or show them examples of quality programs I have developed?
      3. Some have suggested I seriously consider data analysis
      4. In regards to front-end and back-end programming, should I focus on back-end since I’m not interested in web-design (the look of the
      website and how it appears). I am more interested in how things run.
      5. Salesforce was also recommended, any opinions? Thank you, any feedback would be very helpful.

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      1. I beleive learning one language very well is best. Most people can then write and read other languages with some syntax differences.
      2. An inital cert is good for getting an interview if you do not have several years of experience in that field/language already, the examples are good for showing proficiency and tha ability to deliver a working product which would be the later stages of an interview.
      3. Python is one of the best languages for data analysis and would help in that field
      4. Yes to back-end
      5. Salesforce is not a language but rather a CRM, I would focus your time on Python.

      If you have any other questions, let us know, happy to help.

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