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      Bill from Worcester, Massachusetts is working on a film. The problem is that he’s on the East Coast and his director is on the West Coast. They have 12TB of video and photos they want to share to make the collaboration easier.

      Luckily, I have a few tech tips to help them out. Firstly, I recommend Good Sync. It’s fairly priced, although there’s a large cost increase for using a server as an intermediary. It even supports Amazon AWS S3 storage.

      Alternatively, you could check out Torrent Sync. Yes, it has a bad reputation, but the technology is still fast and encrypted. You can choose to use AWS as the main storage location. Torrent Sync might help if the data transfer speeds are not the fastest between the East and West coast locations.

      Bill and his director could also check out Syncthing, open-source software that would require a bit of configuration.

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