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      Learning a new language is grand, but I haven’t felt comfortable to use Babbel, the online language learning app. My fear: that my unique voice features might get ‘copied’ for wrongful purposes. I work in psychiatry, so it’s amusing if I mention this possibility and others roll their eyes at my ‘paranoia’. My view, If they can photo shop videos and spoof phone numbers for the DEA (this happened to me and I have a controlled substances license), I don’t want to make it easy for the darker world forces to vacuum up my biometric data. As a former university professor, I realize that my voice has been taped by students many times and I created audio files for many of my power point presentations ‘back then’. Listening to this weeks KimKomando tech news about the CEO / company losing $ 240,000 due to a fake voice of the boss gives me a sense of odd validation but no joy. Can others comment on the level of risk, now and in the near future of 1-3 years?

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      Hi there,

      Vishing is growing and you’re right to be concerned. Deep fakes in videos are not thing. Now they have our voices.

      With so much of my audio in the public forum, this reality hits close to home. I suspect it will be rampant in 18 months time.

      Thanks for chatting,

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