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      David Kendrick

      Hi Everyone!

      I’m hoping you have some theories for me.

      My parents lose their streaming WiFi connection every morning at 3am for a few hours. It only happens in one part of the house. The streaming boxes in the other parts of the house continue to work.

      The only electronic devices nearby are the directv box, a blu ray player and the sound bar along with of course the tv. They get the same results with both a Roku box and an Apple TV . Could the directv box be updating or something and interfering ? I’m pretty clueless as to what it could be at this point

      We can’t think of anything that goes on or off at 3am in the house. Of note though is that before we fell back for Fall they lost connection at 4am every morning.

      They don’t have any neighbors within 50 yards of their home. Is it possible they receive some sort of interference from outside the home?

      Any ideas or theories would be appreciated. I will be going back for Christmas to visit them and would like to be armed with some ideas to try out.

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      David are your parents on DSL, Cable or Fiber internet?
      Do other devices in this room lose Internet connectivity during this time?
      Do the streaming devices give an error saying they have lost the WiFi connection, or do they just not stream?

      It sounds like interference caused by something on a timer, or perhaps some parental controls are set on the router. As it is just affecting that room, I would unplug everything but the TV and streaming device to see if it is something inside that room. Outside of that irrigation systems, pool pumps and lighting are generally the items outside the home that may run on a timer. Let us know about the above and we will try to help figure this out for you.

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      David Kendrick

      They have cable (xfinity) but they do have their own modem and router for it instead of renting.

      Nothing else in the room seems to lose connection but I am not positive on that because that is the only thing they have noticed. Should I have them set up a laptop or something and walk around the room searching for a connection at that time?

      I will ask them to unplug everything except the tv and streaming device and see what happens.

      They have nothing including the items above that you listed that they can think of on a timer.

      As far as the router parental controls can they pinpoint areas of the house or just specific devices? I have never used them before.

      I will have them unplug the other devices and report back.

      Thanks for all your help!

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