A Fuller, thank you for your service, and welcome home Brother! Wildlife Biologist huh? Very interesting. Are you still living in AZ? I grew up in southern California, where I went to work for Ma Bell after leaving active duty with the Seabees. Then I transferred to the Sierra foothills of northern CA in 1972. I retired about 13 years ago. It’s so much nicer up here. I’d like to get out of California because of the taxes and politics, but I’d hate to move away from the kids & grandkids. I also love this area, where the weather is mild, but we still get 4 seasons, and there are lots of places to go hiking and enjoy nature. I share lots of photos & videos on FB, so my non-hiking friends and family can enjoy my adventures. My profile and cover photos were taken last month on a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail at Echo Lakes, near Echo Summit. I also do a little computer repair & tech support for my friends. Kim Komando has helped me a lot with that.