Deb, sorry to hear your having trouble but have to agree with Kim, the ips sensor means Intrusion Prevention Sensor and is a term Cisco started using years back. A lot of the banking systems are on Cisco security and at this point you may not know exactly what triggered the sensor something has and so the banking system is locking you out as a form of security. One of Kim’s sponsors Glasswire has a very intensive look at everything going on with your system and gives you a full 7 day trial. If you ran that it will probably give you a good indication what the Cisco security system has detected coming from your computer. So you can see it does not matter that you have had same configurations and equipment for several months because you probably just recently contracted this offender and just have not found it so you can eradicate it. May not even be something harmful to you in the normal sense but a spying type violator that would cause banks a lot of trouble if allowed in. Another utility we have used for years is HitMan Pro It will give you a good second opinion and a place to start. Good Luck.