Hello Ernest,

As you are using a Macbook pro and not a Mac pro you are limited to 2 extra displays that the Macbook pro can drive 3 displays including the built in screen. Two more on Thunderbolt or one on thunderbolt and one HDMI.

You can expand up to 4 additional displays if you were to pickup the PCI-E expansion enclosure and a graphics card such as the Quadro P4000

You can still use the recommended NDI decoders at each display or if you have any older PC’s / Mac’s with HDMI capability you can use the NDI Toolkit (Free Software) specifically (NDI Studio Monitor) to configure those older computers to capture the NDI feed from the Macbook and output on each of your displays.

If you do go with the NDI solution you will want to make sure you are connecting the Macbook and your decoders (hardware or Studio monitor software running on a pc) to your network over Ethernet and not over Wi-Fi.

Alternatively, to keep it simple you could Pickup a few more Macbook’s and licenses for Pro Presenter 7 to run your other displays.

Out of curiosity, where did you see information about VMware?