Brennen Kinch

Hi everyone I’m putting this here because I don’t want to spam the community by making a new thread but I just wanted to announce to everyone that I did decide to go with the euro home Wi-Fi system I took the little quiz thing on their website and it recommended the one pack which hopefully that has everything I need in it directed me to Amazon and when I went there it was $99 but because of prime I save 30 bucks so I only paid 73 something for it which was a lot less than whatever I was looking at LOL
No my next question that I’m hoping somebody will look at this an answer for me is does anybody have any stuff that I should do when setting it up like I’ve said in previous posts I’m very techy but when it comes to the Internet stuff I don’t understand all of the lingo and stuff that I should set up to make my network work as best as possible again thank you for all the help