John, thank you very much. First my corrections: 1) I only lost my data one time. Since the Carbonite recovery those files have remained in my OS C drive through the subsequent updates and restarts. 2) You are correct. It is an old Dell Inspiron One 2020 All-In-One vintage 2012 running Windows 10. I have kept it updated weekly since 2012. 3) I was wrong also about Carbonite not opening. It is merely reset like iTunes, Outlook, and Windows Media.
When I ran CHKDSK /P I did the following steps: Windows key + X key(not capitalized), then I right cliked “Run” on the pull-down menu. Then I typed CHKDSK /P in the command line followed by enter. There was a momentary flash as if a window had been momentarily displayed. I then waited 5 minutes and repeated the steps but this time entered CHKDSK C:/F/R. Again a momentary flash but nothing further. I then shutdown and rebooted.
It seems like if I start over with the reset apps: Outlook, iTunes etc, MS Edge Favorites etc I can rebuild what I had originally but there still is the concern about the cause of the apparent Reset that started this. Would reinstalling Windows 10 (presumably with all its Updates) correct a hypothetical corruption within Windows itself? I expect I would still have the app rebuild issues and perhaps another Carbonite recovery? Your reminder about the age of my HDD does suggest that a new machine in the relatively near future is recommended. Thanks again. This has justified my many years of being a subscriber.