Diane Terry

Dear John,

The computer showed an internet connection just fine when I did what you said by powering everything off and turning the pc back on by itself. I then did what you said by powering everything off again and plugged the eero ethernet into the #1 slot on the modem and plugged the ethernet of the computer into the ethernet slot on the eero. So there is an ethernet into the eero from eero and ethernet from pc into eero and the internet on pc computer will not show any internet connection. Do I have to contact xfinity/comcast to see if they have to free up something on there end in order for me to get internet to my computer? Also, you mentioned port 1 on the eero? There are no port 1 or 2 indicated on the eero, just 2 open ethernet ports. Also, my modem that I had with xfinity/comcast was a modem/router in one and now I have a modem and separate router. Is there something on there end that could be causing a problem?