Hello Diane,

The next test will be to move the ethernet cable going to your modem over to the second Eero Ethernet port. This test will allow us to verify if the port is even working.

Now power cycle your cable modem along with the Eero router, wait a few minutes to see if your Wi-Fi starts working. if it does not then there is an issue with the second ethernet port on the Eero router.

If the Internet is working over Wi-FI, now try plugging your computer into the first port on the Eero. If this does not work then you could attempt factory defaulting the Eero device while keeping your computer plugged into it.

If initializing the setup from factory default does not get your computer connected to the internet then the Eero device may be faulty. Note: do not use Bridge mode if asked when performing the initial setup after factory resetting your Eero.

Click here for information on resetting Eero.

Click here for support information from Eero.

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