So you have no info about system interrupts, which is my question and concern???
Carbonite has REPEATEDLY told me that the guts of this machine is NOT the issue and they have been looking inside of it quit a few times.

I am at a loss to tell people that supposed ‘techies’ cannot or will not explain what a system interrupt is nor what to look for to try to fix it. All I get is ‘replace the machine! and as soon as possible!!’ when in reality it may be an offending prgm or bug inside an upgraded version of Win10. Been working with computers since 1965 and I guess I just cannot force myself to evolve into this new generation of replacement repair, ‘don’t know what’s wrong with it so we’ll just replace it (or a part) and cross or fingers’.

Someday, someone will tell me what a system interrupt is and what may cause it and then I can make a more intelligent decision rather than submit to the current diagnosis and repair philosophy.

Appreciate your time.

The other philosophy that I cannot stand is Carbonite selling me a 3 year contract and then refusing to refund/prorate my money when the prgm fails to perform. That’s the ‘one dissatisfied person won’t really affect our bottom line’ theory. That’s it, I’m done.