Norman Harris
@Norman Harris

There are a number of desirable plans, someone mentioned the T-Mobile CONNECT by T-Mobile that is 10 dollars per month for the 1 gb 1000 minutes 1000 texts plan plus taxes and fees and unlimited talk and text plans with 3GB at $15 6GB at $25 per month. However you can get Mint Mobile, an MVNO plan for just $15 per month if you pay $45 for 3 months then after the first 3 months you need to pay $15 x 12 = $180 for a WHOLE YEAR up front. The rate rises a bit, I think to $20 per month if you want to do 3 months or 6 months at a time, they have no monthly billing. If you need the coverage of Verizon, then Twigby is a great source for service, you can get 4GB now for about $20 per month or 1 GB for 15 per month. The MVNOs in general, are better than the big carriers of us single phone users, the big carriers are trying to market to people{families} who need 3,4 or 5 lines.