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      Hello there.

      I have a small big problem. I have changed the name and password of the network. I just cannot find how to change the username and password of the router. Since it is still in default settings I am afraid people can get into my network. I can’t find this specific info anywhere. I don’t see an answer of this problem in Kim’s website.
      Can anyone help.

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      Komando Community

      You can update the password for your router admin through the admin interface itself. This should be the same admin where you changed the WiFi ID and password, but in a different area.

      Each router is different. If you can not find it, reply with the model of your router and we can try to locate some steps for you.

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      Karen Golden

      I would like to change my user name but can not find any info about it. Thanks

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      Hi Karen,

      Typically this magic happens in the router’s settings. So, if you can tell us the make and model of your router, we can give you the steps to do it.

      Let us know that and we’re here for you!

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