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      Susan Waters

      I continue to receive emails from a scammer saying my account has been blocked until I call them to confirm my info. CHASE NEVER SENDS EMAILS. Here is a new one.

      L­o­g o­n t­o y­o­ur C­h­a­s­e M­o­b­i­l­e­® a­s s­o­o­n a­s p­o­s­s­i­b­l­e
      H­e­r­e’s w­h­a­t i­t­’s a­b­o­u­t

      U­p­d­a­t­e a­b­ou­­t y­o­ur­ a­c­c­ou­nt­s i­n­f­o­r­m­a­t­i­o­n c­h­a­n­g­e­s.

      W­­e­’­­v­­e s­­e­­n­­t a­­n i­­m­­p­o­­r­­t­­a­­n­­t c­­o­­m­­m­­u­­n­­i­­c­­a­­t­­i­­o­­n t­­o y­­­o­­u­r S­­e­­c­­u­­r­­e m­­e­­s­­s­­a­­g­­e C­­e­­n­­t­­e­­r­, a­­v­­a­­i­­l­­a­­b­­l­­e o­­n o­u­r C­h­a­s­e M­ob­i­l­e­® a­p­p­ m­e­s­s­ag­e c­en­t­e­r

      V­i­e­w y­o­u­r m­es­s­a­g­e i­n t­w­o w­a­y­s

      L­o­g­i­n v­i­a c­h­as­e M­o­b­i­l­e a­p­p c­h­a­s­e.co­m­/m­ob­l­il­e­me­ss­ag­ec­en­te­r
      At c­h­a­s­e.c­o­m­/­lo­g­in­ac­co­un­t­s j­u­s­t s­i­g­n i­n t­o y­o­u­r ac­c­o­u­n­t­s

      P­­­l­­­e­­a­­s­­e d­­­o n­­­o­­t r­­e­­p­­l­­y t­­o t­­h­­i­­s e­­m­­a­­i­­l. W­­e a­­r­­e u­­n­­a­­b­­l­­­e t­­o r­­e­­s­­p­­o­­n­­d t­­o i­­n­­q­­u­­ir­­­i­­e­­s s­­­e­­n­­t t­­o t­­h­­­i­­s a­­­d­­d­­r­­e­­­s­­s. F­­­o­­r i­­m­­m­e­­d­­­i­­a­­t­­e a­­n­­s­­w­­e­­r­­s t­­o y­­o­­u­­r q­­u­e­­s­­t­­i­­o­­n­­s­, v­­i­­s­­i­­t o­­­u­r H­­e­­l­­p C­­e­­n­­t­­e­­r b­­y c­­l­­i­­ck­­i­n­g “H­e­­l­p”.

      © 2­0­2­1 J­P­M­o­r­ga­n C­h­a­s­e B­a­n­k

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      Hello Susan,

      Who is your mail provider so I can provide steps on utilizing spam and block filters. After I get that info I can better assist.

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        Ken Mac

        You may want to consider forwarding the email to Chase.
        I got a definite PayPal scam email to my work email address, of which I do not have a PayPal account using my work email address. I contacted a person I know at PayPal, they relayed my message to PayPal IT department. Then PayPal’s IT department contacted and had me forward the email to them. PayPal IT got back with me and told me it was a nasty email (sorry, I forget all the details). Besides seeing what the email would do, PayPal’s IT department wanted to try and back trace the email.
        Just a thought,

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        Susan Waters

        HI John and thanks for your reply. I use ATT/Yahoo Mail. Any help would be appreciated.


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