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      Lloyd Christensen

      Greetings Kim Komando,
      I am seeking your input on a computer security company that I have been dealing with for the last couple of years. Their name is iTec Geeks located in Springfield, Oregon. I was originally approached by them because my computer was supposedly not secure. For a fee, they indicated they would clean up my computer and keep it secure and monitor it on a monthly basis. They gave me a security code and instructed me not to give it out to anybody else, nor to deal with anybody who did not have the security code. From time to time another company with a similar name, would call and attempt to convince me to allow access to my computer. Itec Geeks did call back on a regular basis. However, it seems like I was requested/required/encouraged to buy extra programs to assure my security.
      These programs include programs for security against malware and viruses; product key and network security. The applications were: CLEAN-UP and ANTI-HACKING TOOL Licensing.
      I have attempted to re-search them and cannot find anything specific that they are legitimate, accept their address in Oregon. However, I have located another company with a similar name but different location that has many complaints.
      My basic goal is to keep my computer very secure and do it practically and economically. Because I use my computer for home and business and I need confidentiality along with my basic security.

      Every time I get a call from Itec Geeks I feel like I just bought another “used car” and I am constantly second-guessing myself. I feel foolish that I have allowed someone access to my computer. I am not a computer geek nor do I play one on TV.
      The last time they called the Technician wanted me to renew a program. I said no. They gave me a 30 day extension. I’ve decided I’m going to research them more, and make a better and confident decision of how to secure my computer. So I am coming to you for input.
      Besides their programs I have purchased McAfee security, separately.

      I would appreciate your input and direction of how to keep my computer secure from malware and viruses and other miscellaneous nuisances.

      Best regards,
      Lloyd C.

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      Hello Lloyd,

      First, you will need to make sure you have a backup of any important data you care about saving to an external hard drive.

      Now you will want to perform a factory reset of the Windows operating system to ensure there are no malicious programs running from these tech companies. Tap or click here to see how to perform a factory reset of Windows 10.

      Once you have your computer up and running again with the latest updates, you will want to install your favorite antivirus software, we recommend TotalAV.

      From there on out we recommend getkimshelp.com for any further remote support that you might need.

      After doing these things you can rest assured your computer is safe and protected.

      Regarding the company you spoke of, this does sound like they are taking advantage of people.

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