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      For the past few weeks, Glen from Waukesha, Wisconsin drove over to his son’s house to mow the grass. On Saturday, he was working in his office when a message popped up on his iPhone’s screen saying it would take 23 minutes to get to his son’s house.

      Creeped out by Apple tracking his schedule like that, Glen asked me if there’s any way to take back his privacy. I told him the feature comes down to Significant Locations, a secret map tracking everywhere we go. Here’s how you can turn it off.

      Long story short, you open your iPhone’s settings, tap Privacy, select Location Services and tap on System Services. Scroll down to select Significant Locations.

      Individually, you can edit locations so they will no longer be stored on your phone. To do that, tap on any city it says you have been in. Then, on the next screen, tap on the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner.

      That will bring about a red circle next to the location, which you can then tap on to remove. Then again, if you’d like to turn off Significant Locations altogether, you need to scroll to the top of the page that lists the city locations and tap on the green button on the top right in the tab.

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