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      Robert Schmidt

      I have an iPhone 7 Plus that keeps freezing up on Me at times. I actually bought 2 parts only iPhone 7 Pluses on Ebay; for what it’s worth, and kept working on them until I got it to work. But, for some reason if I touch the screen too many times, or too quickly the screen not only freezes, but it starts physically jerking(gently).

      Touch ID does not work despite fact the screen I bought came with home button. When I to into Settings, Touch ID & Passcode, then Add a Fingerprint… it keeps immediately goes from Touch ID to, “Failed.” I’ve tried several times, and it doesn’t even give Me time to try and place finger/thumb on. It automatically And quickly says Failed.

      Now the question is which part needs to be replaced? I’m thinking I need to buy a replacement screen. Only other thing hardware wise would be logic board, but My experience with logic board if they fail You get nothing. In other words if I had a defective logic board I wouldn’t be able to use the iPhone 7 Plus at all.

      I look forward to your response/advice.




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      Hello Rob,

      It does sound like an issue with the digitizer/screen, if you have been inside the phone in the past it is entirely possible that you did not clean off all of the original adhesives and your screen is not sitting flush. You could opt to get a replacement digitizer/screen however the phone is 6 years old and you may very well be better off upgrading to something newer.

      Visit swappa.com for deals on gently used phones.

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