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      Michael from Odessa, Texas is looking for wireless security cameras that he can control from his iPhone. He wants cameras with motion sensors that call his cellphone if someone is lurking around. A text or email notification isn’t good enough — he wants a call that wakes him up in case of an emergency. He’s suffered through enough break-ins and wants to stop robbers as soon as possible.

      Michael told me he’s looking to put up around eight cameras, so I pointed him towards the REOLINK 4MP 16CH. It comes with eight cameras, with room for eight more in the future.

      If you’re in a similar situation, I also recommend any solution such as Nest, Ring or Simplisafe. When you have one of these security systems, usually a person from the company will call you if the cameras sense any funny business.

      Don’t want a call? If you want to get louder text notification sounds, just head to your phone’s settings. That’s where you can change the notification sound for any particular app.

      You could set a ringtone for text alerts and have it go louder. It can even ring for up to one minute! Here are some easy ways to create custom ringtones for Android and iPhone.

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