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      Patrick McGrath

      I am a property Manager and my client had regular business grade cable service coming in and we had EEros installed to bump service around the property. This is not enough for video conferencing so I hired a consultant and we found that we needed to get more speed and bandwidth (?) we upgraded to Gigabit service. Now the eeros can’t support that so we have proposals that suggest using Araknis products or Access Point products. We are looking at up to 8 or 9 access points on the property and price ranges from 16K to 31K depending on the quality of the components, power, etc., all in, installation and tax included.
      So the question is, am I going down the right road to provide a bullet proof system so that we can get uninterupted ability to do video conferencing, live streaming, and have 10-12 things running at the same time with 700+ down and 100+ up currently supplied at the incoming wire? I am not a tech, so appreciate feedback in laymans terms. Thanks

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      For reliability, you will want to hard-wire the connections if at all possible. The consultant you are working with would best be able to answer these types of questions as the results will depend on the hardware, setup, and other local factors. If you are unsure about the advice you are getting from them, a second opinion would not hurt.

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