Thank-you for the reply.

I can get the Genie 2 but it is a headless reciever and I am pretty sure that it has the same issue. I see the feature as a good idea, what I do not see is the fact that we need a huge pop-uup as a reminder, when it is available. There is an icon in the channel banner that lets you know that it is available. At the very least give us the ability to turn it off, not by default but with us going into the menu to disable the notification. Also the internet disconnect is no longer an option as my second reciever does not have the ability to get on the internet and I still get notified about a feature that will not even work on that reciever.

Do you or Kim have contacts that are higher up in the “ATT food chain” that could be contacted about this ?. At the very least I would like to know why they do not give us the ability to turn off the notification.

I thought about getting one of those internet only connections for TV channels but you can not “channel surf” as you have to select the channel manually from the guide. There is no up down channel option.