Greetings John

Thank you for your response. I am NOT Sure I understand your E-Mail? I could NOT hit the “>” button and go to the page your message was on and I had NOT deleted your messages and others received the same day. So I Searched “after:2020/2/15 category:primary”: It FOUND CURRENT messages To The last one in the search was 8/14/2020 or 828 messages found. That tells us that there are 828 Messages in Primary from today to 8/14/2020, doesn’t it?
I searched “after:2020/8/15 category:primary” with the same result today’s messages to 5/15/202 or 828 messages.

Then I searched: “before:2020/9/1 category:primary”. The Result was 609 messages found. Doesn’t that tell us that there are 609 messages in the Primary Tab, Older than 9/1/2020? I still don’t understand why I can’t hit the “>” and go to the 2nd page of the 609 messages I have in my Google E-Mail in the Primary Tab? I just went back to the “Inbox, Primary Tab” and the counter upper right says “1-50 of 15? John I count all the messages on page 1 and there are 50? NOT 15?

I look forward to hearing from you

Ken Savage