Internet provider is Spectrum. Also, am using Norton 360. Yes I do mark as spam. In the initial pile-on I tried to figure out if someone was targeting me, trying to figure out any kind of focus or subject, but nothing seems to fit a pattern. It amazes me that I am getting French, German, Chinese/Japanese, Dutch and a couple of other language emails, none of which I could make out enough to tell exactly what they were, except the ones that had pics of shoes, clothing, etc. Many of them were to online magazines, or sites promoting something. Those that seemed like legit, and in a language i could understand, I did use the unsubscribe and it seemed to work. I know many sites that if you use the unsub it just gives them notice your email is valid and you get tons more. The daily unsolicited email count is going down a little, and they are ones I have marked Junk, but they change a number or something and it will get thru the next day. And those are the ones i do not use the unsubscribe on.
I can possibly send you a couple of samples if that would help.