Hello John,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
I have looked into what you suggested and here is what I have done and found.
1. I checked Dell’s site and They do not have any reference or
suggestions to
the dual boot in regards to the model number that I have.
2. I have all drivers up to date.
3. I tried disabling fast boot in the BIOS and still have the
same problem.
4. BIOS firmware update = I do NOT have the latest update. I am
somewhat Leary about updating the BIOS. I ave never done such
a update and not sure of how and what to do, not to mention if
it causes a problem that I have to go out and purchase another
PC which I cannot afford. Plus I would want to wait until
after tax time. I have researched it and it seems to me that
one takes a risk in doing so.