Lesley Zimmerman

Yes, I did reconfirm via the cmd window that the new DNS servers are in effect ( &

So if I am understanding you correctly, I hardwired the ethernet cable coming from my Rajant internet tower to my desktop pc. After rebooting the system, my desktop pc struggled to find an internet connection. Connected briefly then disconnected. Seems to only produce an internet signal when connected to a router.

*There is no “modem” connected to my Rajant internet system; it is a PoE (power over ethernet injector) connected to a tower mounted on the side of my house that receives a microwave signal from somewhere in Wickenburg. There is an CAT6 cable running from the PoE into the house which is what I connect to my router. Hope this makes sense.

As a side note, I have been in contact with TP-Link and they advised me putting in the foxnation urls as whitelist items in the antivirus option. Did so but it did not make any difference. Again, I am able to go to the FoxNation website and navigate within it – just cannot stream any videos from it when using the TP-Link router. Problem is specific to videos streaming from the foxnation website or the foxnation app on Firestick.