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      Indiana Joni had asked during the show chat about getting WiFi to a barn that is just over 100 yds away from her main house. As this is just over the max length for running an ethernet cable from the house to the barn, the 2 remaining options are to have the ISP run another connection to the barn(would incur another montlhy cost) or build a wireless bridge. This writeup will document the equipment and setup for a wireless bridge.

      You will need 2 wireless bridges, one mounted on outside of house pointed to barn bridge, the other on the outside of the barn facing the house bridge.

      And an additional router with Wifi for the barn side

      The wiring would look like

      house router LAN port -> poe injector -> house side bridge

      barn side bridge -> poe injector -> barn router WAN port

      The bridge is setup through an app and acts like a cable coming from you home router to the barn router. You can setup the barn router with the same wireless name and settings, or a new wireless name just for the barn. The poe injector is included and acts to power the device over the ethernet cable.

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      Ken Mac

      Thank you for all your research and information.
      Took a look at the wireless bridge (LiteBeam Wireless Bridge 100Mb LAN,GigE, AirMax AC, White) it looks like something you would find on a satellite or a space station.
      I’ll have to read up on a ‘poe injector’.
      Thank you,

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