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      I am looking at Express VPN and Total AV. And considering getting a password manager. Have some questions.

      Concerning Total AV. Antivirus pros cover 3 devices but I need coverage for 4 devices, 2 laptops and 2 phones. Total Internet Security covers 5 devices and has a VPN. If using Express VPN then I must got with Total Internet Security so I can get coverage on the 4 devices? Wishing Total AV Antivirus would cover 4 devices. Is there something else to use?

      Looking at getting a password manager. What do you recommend?

      Is there anything else I should consider instead of LifelocK? I seem to remember that Kim use to recommend another ID protection service. Not sure of who to got with.

      Final question. Other than above is there anything else to consider for protection?


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      Hello billstanton1,

      Total AV offers another package that includes VPN and up to 5 covered devices, I think that the internet security plan would suit you the best.

      We recommend Robo Forms for a password manager.

      Identity Guard is a good alternative to Lifelock.

      Just be sure you are running scans regularly and you keep everything up to date. Sounds like you have everything covered if you are running Total AV

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