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      Raymond Junk Jr.

      I have an Android phone with about 1.5TB of storage space on it (thanks to a 1TB micro SD, which they no longer put on phones – I digress)… I love having movies and several of my favorite complete TV series to play anytime I like, be it on a flight, in bed, somewhere with no cell signal, or streaming directly to my living room TV. I have wanted for a long time to load the TV series “Emergency,” an all-time favorite of mine, but the DVDs I have are apparently encrypted or copy protected. I’ve searched online for a place to purchase and download the series as well, but in vain. Is there a way to pull this off (is there a software app that can rip even the trickiest protection schemes)? OR… Is the prospect of copying a protected DVD for my own personal use completely illegal regardless, rendering my question moot?

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