Hello Tim,

Funny thing is, sometimes people still have to send faxes from time to time. And that’s because the legal, finance and medical industries still rely on fax machines for essential documents, but who even has one?

Forget the last minute trip to Kinko’s, because there’s a fax web service for any time that situation comes up — called FaxZero.com

With this handy site, you can send a fax right from your computer without the added trip or hassle of a fax machine. And it’s free if you send no more than five faxes per day and only three pages at a time.

Of course if the document is not already on your computer, you’ll need to scan it or take a photo of it. Just use your smartphone for that.

Then on FaxZero, just enter the sender’s information on one side and the receiver’s information on the other. Attach the pages you need and enter information into a text box. Easy stuff.

If you have more to fax, you also have the option to send up to twenty-five pages a day with no ads — but it’s two bucks per page.

Then you’ll have no problem getting your fax straight.

Here’s more: https://www.komando.com/tech-tips/send-and-receive-faxes-free/751419/