Norman Harris
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I’m not familiar with PC Mover Pro, however I can tell you that virtually all programs that ran under Windows 7 will run under Windows 10. The suggestion to make a backup of your Windows 7 system is good however in case there is a problem. The backup would be critical if you were actually upgrading your Windows 7 PC to the Windows 10 operating system. Truthfully, the Windows 7 PC itself is a backup, provided you are not planning to dispose of the machine following the Windows 10 upgrade. I actually use programs designed from earlier eras of Windows on Windows 10 including Word, Excel and other Office programs from Office 2000. They work as long as you don’t exceed 8 GB of RAM on your motherboard. I doubt this is an issue if you are using Office 2007, 2013 or other more recent versions of Microsoft Office Suite. You will want to test your setup to see that everything works however it is almost 100% that Windows 10 will run everything you used under Windows 7, except Windows Media Center, a feature included with Windows 7, available optionally with Windows 8 and 8.1 but explicitly discontinued in Windows 10.