John John John, Kim spoke so highly of you and I had such high hopes…lol I did not mean load an apk on the Apple tv it is the Mac equivalent of the Apk which is the .Deb file. You use a program called xcode to sign the file and convert to Ipa file. There are a few more steps but Apple tv especially 4K is more robust and has a lot of cool features. I was not using this question to set you up, just looking for something else bu had to find the right group first. For your pleasure here are the steps…

How to sideload apps on Apple TV 4K without jailbreak

Follow this step-by-step guide on how you can sideload app on Apple TV 4K with performing jailbreak.

Step 1: Pair your Apple TV 4K with Xcode on your Mac. If you do not have Xcode, download it on Mac App Store. If you do not know how to pair your Apple TV 4K with Xcode, you can refer to this tutorial.

Step 2: Once done, launch Xcode on your computer.

Step 3: Get the UDID of your Apple TV through Window > Devices and Simulators from the main menu tab for Xcode on the top right. Copy the text beside the Identified label, which is the UDID.

Step 4: Register your device on developer.apple.com.

Step 5: Log your Apple Developer site on Account > Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section.

Step 6: Click on the + sign to add your Apple TV. Enter the UDID once prompted.

Step 7: Once done, make an empty new tvOS project within Xcode on your computer. You will have to add your Apple ID to Xcode.

Note: If you are using a free developer account, you must resign and re-sideload the app after every seven days. Paid developer account can access the app for 12 months straight.

Step 8: Under the Team tab on Xcode, choose your team name from your Apple Developer account. Wait for Xcode to make the right provisioning profile and signing certificate.

Step 9: Open the iOS App Signer package and follow onscreen instructions. Provide the .DEB file of the app you want to sideload on your Apple TV. This will be converted to the signed IPA file required for sideloading apps. Before converting the .DEB file into a signed IPA file, ensure your Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile are similar to Xcode.

Note: If you do not have the iOS App Signer package, download it from here.

Step 10: Once you already have the signed IPA file, go to the Xcode menu tab > Windows > Devices and Simulators > +. Choose the IPA file as provided by iOS App Signer.

Step 11: Xcode and Apple TV 4K should then be connected. The sideloading process shall begin. To check sideloaded apps, go to the Xcode menu bar > Installed Apps.

Enjoy your beefed up Apple TV 4K!