I have setup split tunneling for my email. I can now receive emails but can’t send emails. I am using Outlook 2010. I have an AT&T email account. When I try to send with the VPN connected, I will cause my AT&T User ID to be temporarily locked and I have to call AT&T to unlock or change my password. AT&T stated they see traffic coming from an unknown account and they blocked by Access ID. I am using the AT&T imap email with the incoming server set for port 993 and the outgoing port set for port 465 using SSL encryption.

I have a router that is compatible with the Express VPN. I have configured another sub net behind my Spectrum modem. When I access this subnet, I also have the same issues. So far, I haven’t found a resolution to my problems. My AT&T user ID was locked out again last night. This is getting very frustrating and I am probably going to do away with the VPN.

Thanks for your help.