First, you need to get your hands on a working computer, install Macrium and create the USB rescue media. Tap or click here to see how to create USB rescue media

Then perform the following again:
I got a m.2 pcie and using macrium reflect and cloned c: to an external ssd in an enclosure. I couldn’t get the pc to boot from the SSD when installed in the m.2 internal slot.

Once you have you original clone on the new m.2 Disk, insert the USB rescue media and follow the steps on this link here to fix your boot record.

Please note there are two types of m.2 SSD’s one is m.2 SSD the other is m.2 NVME, one has one notch they other has two notches where you plug it in.

Please confirm you are swapping the original for the same type. If you provide Make and model numbers of both I might be able to better assist.