J.C. Hall

You have two choices: a maple or oak casket for your email addy for burial. Once it’s on the dark web, it’s a mess. You can try that program, but it’s easier to start fresh with new email addresses.

Also, if you use the same email addy for everything, you may want to use the multi-email method separate personal from personal business. I always suggest at least 5 to 7 email accounts. I’ve used 20 task-oriented email addys for the past 8 years, only one from the early 2000’s I still use for registration for forums such as this one is on the dark web. An image-hosting site was hacked and I get hit for a few days every few weeks with spam/scam as it was probably sold again. Multiple email addys allow you to spread out your logins with different addresses which also keeps your email accounts clean. I turn off the SPAM filters for the other 19 accounts, I don’t need it as I receive no unsolicited emails.

I just posted this on Kim’s Facebook about Amazon, using personal email addresses for online accounts is not very secure, we all know someone who let a scammer on their computer or other device and most likely got in their email and their contacts which means that they have your email addy. Example, when I sign into my bank, I use an email addy only for financial vendors and it’s not shared with anyone and I know that their notifications are real as I do not get scams in that account.