Paul Meyers

Security camera questions. I’ve printed several appropriate pages from your website. I have not easily found answers. Who can I speak to in order to get answers to the following questions?

My cable internet speed is 100 mbps. Is there a mesh WIFI 6E router that will connect with an 8TB hard drive? I do NOT have a smart phone. Any updates to router or cameras will need to be with a Mac desktop.

I do NOT want cloud. What cameras will connect to the router and then send automatically send info to the hard drive? The distance from my garage to the street is about 50 feet. Are there any color HD night vision cameras which will work with this router set up?

Home is about 1500 sq ft, one story. Want 5 or 6 cameras. Netgear suggested a Nighthawk RAXE 500 which I think is NOT a mesh router. It connects with a hard drive via USB.

When I checked bbb.org for several security camera manufacturers, most of them have an “F” or very low rating. This includes some of the ones you suggest on your website. I want to make sure the security cameras are secure, well made, and have excellent customer service. FYI, Simplisafe is mainly for use with a security monitoring service. So, it seems that Simplisafe is not a good option for me.

In my prior submission about security cameras, I forgot to mention that we get your radio show on KGWA in Enid OK.