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      Susan from Peoria, Illinois is ready to return to the workforce. The only problem? She spent the past 30 years raising and homeschooling her kids, which kept her so busy she never developed advanced computer skills. She’s worried this will disqualify her from future jobs.

      Luckily, I have the perfect resources for anyone hoping to thrive in the modern workplace. Firstly, GCF Global has a bunch of tutorials that empower people to be more comfortable with computers. You’ll learn how to use a mouse and even what parts make up a computer. Click here for six videos with helpful tips and tricks.

      Khan Academy is another awesome resource. They go more in-depth, with videos on circuits, CPU, memory, hardware and more. Click here to get a deeper understanding of how computers work. You’ll also learn all about the internet, from IP addresses and DNS to cybersecurity and encryption tips.

      Want a more prestigious teacher? Well, what’s more prestigious than Standford? You can enroll in a free Computer Science 101 course online. You’ll learn all the necessary jargon, from bits and bytes to ethernet, Wi-Fi, analog and more.

      You can also learn from Big Tech itself. Click here for Microsoft 365 training videos. Consider it a free training session that gets you prepared for high-tech work environments. Plus, GCF Global has its own instructional videos on Microsoft tools, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Click here to learn more.

      Google itself also has a few helpful tips for you. If you want to learn how to use Google Workspace, click here for a few handy guides for new users. You can learn by product, role and industry. You’ll also get tips for working from home as well as a guide on thriving in hybrid work environments. It’s pretty comprehensive, so check it out!

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