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      David from Chicago, Illinois wants to make money online. While researching, he came across BigMoneyConnection.com, a dropshipping website. However, the $50 signup fee made him concerned — even after reading good reviews. That’s why he asked me if it is a safe and legitimate business or not.

      Before you buy anything from a social media ad, read this warning. Essentially, here’s what I told David:

      • Let’s say a factory in China is selling widgets for $3 each.
      • A dropshipper can set up a website or a social media campaign that advertises and sells these amazing, high-quality widgets for $15 each.
      • The dropshipper might never even handle the widget herself. Thus, she may not know about its actual quality.
      • Whenever an order arrives on the website, the dropshipper purchases a $3 widget and the manufacturer then sends the product to the customer.
      • The dropshipper pockets the extra $12.

      Fashion products account for 30% of the sales, with food and personal care (like fancy Korean cosmetics) accounting for a further 30%. Sales of electrical products make up 22%, with the remainder split between a variety of categories, including toys, furniture, and appliances.

      Bottom line: I recommend staying away from these sites overall. There are too many scams, even though there’s an opportunity to make good money. You don’t want to be selling low-quality products.

      Save yourself $50 and find a better way to make money online. Make money from home on your schedule with these 20 jobs.

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