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      Damian Housman

      Every day I send news items to a select (about a dozen) friends. I go through online sources, cut them from the sources, paste them to an e-mail, and send them to my list of friends. I use Windows 10 and Outlook, on my PC.

      Until a year or two ago I was able to cut entire articles, to include twitter, including the text and video that accompanied the twitter, and paste them within the article with no special effort. If I cut an article with a tweet in it, the tweet was there when I pasted it to the e-mail, and it would go to my friends.

      At some point, however, the tweets stopped getting cut, and they were not there when the article was pasted to the e-mail. I would like to know if there is some way, maybe an on/off switch in settings somewhere, that would restore my ability to copy and paste the tweets within articles that I e-mail to friends.

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