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      William from Mobile, Alabama is sick of data brokers collecting his personal information. He’s especially creeped out by people search sites.

      Never heard of that term? It refers to sites that give away private information like your full name, address, family members and more. They’re called people search sites because people can look you up and find a ton of your sensitive information. Here’s all you need to know about people search websites.

      Good news: You can remove yourself from these sites. Bad news: It’s like playing Whack-A-Mole. New sites are constantly popping up to make bank off of your data.

      That’s why I started my Opt-Out Tuesday series. Each week, I tell you how to remove your private data from different people search sites. So far, my readers learned how to remove their info from BeenVerified, US Search, PeopleFinders and more.

      Want to stay updated whenever Opt-Out Tuesday rolls around? Sign up for one of my free newsletters so you never miss one of these essential cybersecurity guides. It will pop up in your email inbox so you can protect your privacy right away!

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