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      Nicholas Fusco

      We have a 30 year old daughter with moderate to severe autism who lives with us. She has the life care level of about a 6 year old. We are also her legal guardians and care givers. Her favorite thing is cruising the internet for cartoon pictures and animated or musical movies which she saves to her pc hard drive or her Ipad. We use OpenDNS as our way of protecting her from bad stuff. For safety her ability to direct message anyone is limited to us and all her email needs ,such as passwords or logins etc. use a mail address we control. So far so good after 25 years of life on the net. Here is our problem. Hard drive space. She fills her drive so fast with redundant copies of the same movies, pictures and cartoons. So far she has filled her 1TB hard drive to the point it wont take Windows Update. She has less than 500 MB left. So her system is gonna crash and continually locks up. We have to wait until she sound asleep and try and sneak over to her “space” and try and delete some things to free up space, but she has a sixth sense and like she wakes up right in the middle of the process and we are busted and she is then an upset, negative mood, echolalic spouting and distrustful sleep deprived lovely daughter that we know we will never hear the end of this, adult/child. WE feel so bad we hurt her trust but buying another hard drive, bigger each time is not the answer as she has no concept of moderation. We tried setting up automatic upload to Dropbox and OneDrive with space saving on but she just turns those items off or makes the folders so obscure or randomly named and duplicated that those programs can’t keep up. By the way this is a Windows only problem as her Ipad works seamlessly with her iCloud and we have access to her iCloud and thus can clean up duplicates. So here is what we would like to do find out how we can access her computer from our computer with the ability to clean her hard drive and yet NOT expose her computer or our computer to outside bad actors or worse, if she has downloaded a virus during her online treks end up corrupting our computer and network. We also thought about mortgaging our house and buying Macs for us both and saying goodbye to Windows altogether so as to say goodbye to this strain on our lives for the past 20 years. Either way her only real peaceful place comes from her contact with the cyber world of movie and art and cartoon artwork she loves to draw and color so we don’t want to take much from her. HELP please. BTW we are now 60 years old and new tech is beginning to wear us down. We have been listening to you since your Public TV shows and Computer Chronicles.

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