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      Michael Gore

      I hear Kim mention family tree now all the time so I tried it and it reminded me a lot of truthfinder which I found to be a turn-off because once I subscribed then they wanted another bite of money for each time I search something. So I went on family tree now and get a search and then I ended up being a company called checkmate.com they want me to subscribe for like $34 a month. Is anybody know is this a legit company and am I going to get what I paid for if I subscribe for $34 for family tree now and checkmate.com? Is my debit card info safe or are they going to charge me fees but I didn’t even sign up for? I asked this because I recently took a survey for Sam’s Club it was a surprise they offered me a Fitbit all I had to do is pay the postage so I did it and luckily I used a debit card that I only put money on there as I need it because guess what the company ended up being called?
      Impulsedrape. What a disgusting name for a company and then all of a sudden on my debit card luckily I didn’t have no money on there because for two weeks until I canceled the card they were trying to charge me 40 and $80 on constantly another charges it would have added up to $100 if I would have used my regular debit card that I pay for it thank God I did not.

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      Hello Michael,

      Family Tree Now and Checkmate are owned by different companies, I wonder if what you had clicked on was an ad.

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