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      My computer has been compromised for several months despite four techs checking it out and $700 spent for nothing. I have run every anti virus program available and have Malwarebytes running at all times but they have never identified anything.

      The issues seem to be coming from servers in Australia but I just don’t have the expertise to trouble shoot them. I had 18 IP addresses connecting to my computer of which 16 of them were “unknown”. They have changed my passwords on several sites, deleted both inbound and outbound Defender Firewall rules. I had installed the app from Malwarebytes to control the firewall and put the computer on lock using my password. When I tried to unlock the computer, the same password no longer worked and forced me to use a back up to regain use of the computer. They have also compromised Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird resulting in the loss of emails, tried to access my Last Pass account from Romania, deleted important files, changed data in a back up file, apparently compromised every device on my network and made my life pretty miserable.

      It all started from denying access to the DHCP server and spread out from there. Changing the router did not help. I was also locked out of my router access by not having the correct password any longer. I had been keeping back up copies on a regular basis and that is how I am able to reinstall a previous version and use my computer with most features despite the fact that there is an active Virus or Trojan running and slowly screwing up my computer or files etc.

      I have reinstalled Windows 11 several times by secure erasing the C drive, shorting out the CMOS connection and reinstalling the BIOS with the latest version but the issue keeps on coming back. If I thought that replacing the motherboard and drives would fix the issue but I am on a fixed income (Social Security) and that cost is too high for me to budget in my monthly bills. Also, I know they have accessed all my devices by downloading and uploading data to each of them so that is another issue I have to face. I am talking several thousand of dollars worth of electronics (OLED TV, LED TV, receiver, two TiVo DVR’s, CCTV system, and two Rokus that I may have to replace which is really not a viable option.

      I also tried to get help from Microsoft Tech Support but they said it was not their issue and did not even bother to set up a remote connection to check anything. My ISP also denied any responsibility in getting the issue resolved.

      I don’t know where I can turn to for help anymore. I have exhausted everything recommended in Google with no solution. If you know of anything I can do to get my life back together, please let me know. I am desperate.


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