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      Brigitte Cerwick

      At one point, Facebook forced me into two factor authentication which I selected: Microsoft Authenticator. Last August I got a new iPhone and did the side by side copy. Unfortunately, Facebook stopped being able to authenticate. The Microsoft “Key” did not migrate and therefore I am no longer able to access my 20 year old Facebook account. Trust me, I have tried everything. For some reason it won’t give me a phone option even to authenticate.

      I have submitted a request to unlock the account twice along with my driver’s license and no response. I even work in digital marketing and tried to go through our advertising rep and they were useless.

      I have likely made it worse because I tried to change the email address and if you search me in Google there is only the new account.

      I have never been so frustrated that I can get into my bank account, but not my social media account.

      PS. Meanwhile, Facebook keeps sending me email notifications of how many alerts/messages I have missed and should log in to see what is going on.

      I would pay someone good money to help me find a solution.


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      Marlene Grayson

      I recently had the very same problem with Amazon, it was a hassle from hell, I ended up writing to the president of Amazon, got his attention he set up a time with a rep to take my call, after answering many questions about my account they let me back in with my new phone number. I swear it is like breaking into fort knox!
      Very frustrating!

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        Margaret Thornby

        I have the same problem except I think I chose Google Authenticator. When I go to that I see the ever changing codes but none of them work.
        When told to use a different device and check notifications there are no notifications.
        I can really use help too.

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      Marlene Grayson

      My daughter lost her FB account too, my son and I were able to see it so we copied all of her photos and files and sent them to her to start over, she was devastated as she had a ton of her touring photos on there, why she did not back them up was beyond us…I recommend backing up everything you don’t want to lose, do it regularly.

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