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      Larry Cook

      I’ve been using McAfee anti-virus protection for my pc for some time, and, for the past four or six months, I’ve also used the VPN service that is included. Lately, in spite of my setting the VPN to automatically connect each time I turn the pc on, it hasn’t been doing that. Chatting with them, I was told that they were having trouble with the VPN and that they were working on it. Ok, fine. I could wait for that.

      Fast forward to today, I see that the problem is still there, yet when I informed them of this, they said it was fixed and that I should uninstall/reinstall. When I asked to speak to someone in the US, I was told that they could not do that. That’s two lies in one breath. Firstly, I am tired of people always blaming my system and that I should always do the uninstall/reinstall thing. My pc is solid. Also, I don’t believe them when they say that they can’t connect me to the US. No company is going to kneecap their call center like that. After much discussion, they finally gave me a number that they said was the US number. I called this number and was connected to, you guessed it, the Philippines again. So I guess I was lied to three times.

      I don’t have much tolerance for any company that, one, cannot connect me to someone local, or at least in the same country, or, two, is untruthful. I have decided to fire McAfee and would like to know what the community here thinks would be the best alternative. Would you recommend Norton, PC Matic, or some other entity? I require the full spectrum of virus protection along with a strong VPN, as I do all my banking and shopping online (not on a smartphone–pc only). I figured that coming here (I just joined today…hey, all!) would be a good thing, in that many of you have probably forgotten more than I know about pc’s. Thanks for your indulgence, and I will stand by and listen to the experts out there. Thank you.

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