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      Robert Perry

      I convert videos (MP4 files)created on my camcorder on a laptop for uploading to YouTube. I’m wanting to convert to a desktop, or mini desktop. I’ll need to be able to copy from a Micro SD card to the local drive, then run a conversion program to merge the source files, and I’d like to do it as quickly as possible. I;m not sure if and Intel processor or AMD Ryzen would be fastest for video rendering. I’d like to find a barebones system, so I can install the boot drive and RAM myself. I’ve been away from configuring/building systems for over 15 years and am behind the times. I do know I want this barebones system to support and M.2 NVMe boot drive. Don’t need an OS, as I’ll be cloning an older laptop drive to the M.2 SSD. Would like to know how important and what type of video I should be looking for. Any suggestions would be much appreciatged. Oh, and I suppose the MB should be expandable to 64 GB RAM minimum. Thanks.

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      Hello Robert,

      I was unable to find any really well-matched barebones kits, I recommend checking out this subreddit /r/buildapcsales for the best deals on parts, updated as soon as good deals are found.

      Your best bet is to build it yourself.

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