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      I don’t know where to post this! Please help it get to the correct area.

      Don’t know where to post this.

      I am trying to set up a senior friendly I pad.

      First, I am trying to compile a list of helpful apps to put onto a seniors I pad to make life fun and interesting for her. She does have a bit of memory issues so they have to be simple and user friendly.

      Puzzles, games, and other easily accessible places of interest would be good. For instance, I found an aquarium app which shows a lovely aquarium complete with bubbles. Live streamed.

      . I have the accessibility settings to large print.

      She likes you tube videos so I have a you tube icon on her dock..but she gets so much advertising, I would like to change the search engine to duck duck go for her..so she does not get so much advertising. But you tube may advertise however you access them.

      I just need a list of little things I can do to help my friend enjoy her I pad.

      I have been to some senior forums and asked and I just get no response. I know Kim set up her I pad for her Mom, but her Mom is a techie. Like mother,like daughter. I looked in her website but did not know where to look, I am sure Kim has some suggestions.

      If I could compile a list and implement the suggestions to test them, then I would send my recommendations over to AARP and also Alzheimer’s forums and other senior sources to help people.

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      Hello alliemagoo,

      Great question, I have found an article that pretty much covers everything you are wanting to do. Click or tap here for the article.

      Game recommendations

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      John. This is excellent. Fortunately, I have implemented many of these suggestions before gifting the I pad. But I learned a few things and I will pass this article on to others who are caring for seniors.

      Thank you so much!!!!!

      I would love to keep the thread going as I know Komando listeners are really savvy.

      I was looking for actual sites to go to or to put icons into dock for easy access.

      I found the Baltimore aquarium website for tropical fish. This is something watching which is calming and interesting.

      As elderly perhaps lose cognitive ability, I was looking for simple ideas along those lines as well. I just found a couple of coloring book apps and my friend LOVes them.

      I wish there was a place where we could go to,share ideas and ‘finds’ but this was such a good start
      Thank you, John


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