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      Lena Kovacs

      Recently my System Restore just keeps disappearing into thin air regardless if I have only one item or more. I’ve used CCleaner for many years and love the program, however, they have been going through some changes and more updates than ever before, but not necessarily for the better. Case in point: Although I can’t say for sure, but I have reason to believe that CCleaner is responsible for my System Restore’s disappearance after using the CCleaner. I use Windows 7, Quad Core, 1.5 TB HDD with 8 GB RAM. To date, my PC has only used 5% of space and still has 95% vacancy and I always ensure that my PC is impeccably clean.

      Can someone give me any ideas as to why this could be happening other than what I described above? I surely would appreciate it.

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      Hello Lena,

      Ccleaner really should not be doing anything to your restore points, I suspect something else. We can utilize Ccleaner to generate a list of installed software, if you do the following then copy and paste what is in the text file here so we can try to determine what is removing your restore points.

      To generate the list of installed software please do the following:

      Open CCleaner and press the Tools tab on the left, then click Uninstall. At the bottom of the window, press the Save to text file button. This will allow you to export a list of your installed software.

      Additionally, The deletion of restore points may be caused by any one of the following by-design conditions:

      – You run out of disk space on the system drive or on any one of the available non-
      system drives, and System Restore stops responding and stops monitoring your

      – You manually turn System Restore off.

      – A restore point reaches an age of 90 days. The restore point is then deleted
      because 90 days is the default time to live.

      To resolve this issue, adjust the maximum shadow storage allocation. To do this, follow the steps listed below:

      1. Press Windows key + W on the keyboard to search Settings, type “System” in the Search box, and then click System from the list of results.

      2. Click System protection in the task pane.

      3. Under Protection Settings click to select Local Disk (C:) (System) and then click Configure.

      4. Under Disk Space Usage, move the Max Usage slider to the right to increase the disk space usage for System Restore points.

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